Sex Toy Tech | Best New High-Tech Sex Toys Will Make You Reimagine Your Sex Life

VR-synced blowjobs. Robotic AI sex dolls with better personalities (and better looks) than your lousy ex. Remote-controlled couples toys that pair with each other from across the world. 2021 has produced some amazing sex toy technologies that will redefine pleasure forever. See the latest and best sex toy tech innovations here.


  • Live out your wildest fetishes and sexual fantasies through immersive VR porn synced with your Lovense masturbater
  • Robotic AI love dolls with wildly realistic and fully customizable bodies… complete with robotic facial expressions and eye contact, as well as an AI-driven personality that gets to know you and becomes DESPERATE to fulfill your every sexual need
  • Remote-controlled couples’ sex toys (such as Lush 2) that connect couples in orgasmic symphonies, either from across the room or across the world
  • Make her cum on demand, even from the other side of the world, with this wireless app-controlled panty vibrator that stays in place, stays quiet, and vibrates so powerfully she’ll climax easily with just the press of a button from your phone


List of The Top 5 Most Innovative Sex Toys of 2021

  1. Syncing Virtual Reality Porn with the Lovense Max 2, the most EPIC Male Masturbator
  2. Get Kinky with a “Better-than-Life” AI Robot Girlfriend by RealDollX
  3. Having the best sex of your life with the Lush 2 (or Lush 2’s now-upgraded Lush 3!)
  4. Use the Lovense Ferri to FORCE her to orgasm anywhere and everywhere… using your phone…
  5. Finally achieve the big “O” with the Lovense Osci, an amazing new sex toy technology


Best Sex Toys for Solo Play  ?? ❤️ ?

Get to Know the Max 2 by Lovense

Have you ever wanted to have long distance sex with someone who wasn’t in the same room as you? Let me introduce you to the Lovense Max 2 male masturbator…

The Max 2 by Lovense is a high-quality male masturbator that will give you the most realistic experience possible and will make you feel like you’re getting the best blowjob of your life — because the Max 2 uses bluetooth technology to intelligently sync with other users or video content — whether during chat sessions with broadcasters online, facetime with your significant other across the globe, or synced to the actors in VR porn videos. 

It also has an adjustable air vent to control suction and 360-degree contractions and vibrations, so it feels just like the real thing, especially when it responds to partner movements or the actions in a porno!

It also has a ton of additional features, including long-distance remote control and syncing with VR porn for the ultimate immersive experience, so it’s absolutely perfect for either couples (ie. long distance sex) or solo play when used with the Lovense app. 

Lovense Max

With quality sites such as FeelXVideos, you can literally sync your Max 2 so that it sucks and contracts in unison with the actors in their VR pornos! 

By the way, FeelXVideos is currently offering 50% off of their monthly subscription, so now is the BEST time to sign up and get this deal before your Max 2 arrives 😉



Max 2 will definitely make your fantasies come true, no matter how far away they are. Looking to save your long-distance relationship? If your significant other has another Lovense toy, you can both sync them to respond to one another, allowing you to pleasure yourselves together no matter how much distance is between you.

With this toy, you can explore new fantasies like never before. And it’s perfect for enjoying free camsex on amateur video chat sites such as Chaturbate: if you sync with broadcasters using other Lovense toys such as Nora, Lush 2 and Lush 3, or another Max 2, then they will react to each other’s movements!

You can also become a broadcaster yourself if you’re feeling particularly adventurous… your Max 2 will help you earn money by allowing viewers to control it with their tips!

With this toy, long distance sex doesn’t need to be just in your imagination anymore. Get ready to enjoy some of the most realistic sexual experiences ever with the Max 2!

Summary of the Max 2 by Lovense

Product Features: 

  • Feel like you’re getting the best blowjob of your life
  • Enjoy fucking with other people, live or synced to VR porn videos
  • Adjustable air vent and 360-degree contractions make it feel just like the real thing 
  • Connects to devices for webcam sex.


Emotional & Physical Benefits:

  • You can enjoy the most realistic sexual experience possible – with or without a partner
  • Save your long-distance relationship by syncing your toy with your partner’s and pleasuring each other at any distance from one another around the world
  • Develop sexual stamina and skill naturally by using this powerfully stimulating toy… we dare you to TRY not to cum!

Replace Your Ex-Girlfriend or Ex-Boyfriend with a Custom AI Doll by RealDollX

Looking for a new sex partner? How about a robot?

Crazy advanced new technology has now made it possible to have a robotic companion that’s nearly indistinguishable from a real human.

RealDollX is the first AI-driven robotic doll system that features a modular head system with multiple points of actuation, which enables the doll to form expressions, move its head, and speak to you.

The eyes can also move and blink, creating an experience never before possible with any doll. It is designed to run with customizable AI software “X-Mode”, which allows you to create unique personalities and control the voice of your robot.

You can customize your doll’s personality by adjusting parameters such as moods or attitudes in X-mode. You can select from preloaded personalities like “sweetheart” or “naughty girl” or even design your own! 

  • With their advanced facial recognition technology, she will remember who you are so every time she sees you it won’t be like seeing her for the first time again. She’ll know what turns on your fantasies too – just ask her!

    In addition to their customizable personality, you can also capture the flawless look of your fantasy companion in your doll.

Make her into your ideal size by selecting from slimmer waist and hip proportions ranging from itsy-bitsy to ultra-customized dreamlike dimensions. 

Expressive and alluring, you can mold your ideal cup size, features, etc. and craft your dream girl from a full selection of perfect pouts, entrancing eye colors, and beautifully brushable hair.

Abyss Creations is well known for quality — they ONLY use the finest materials and design every doll to your exacting specifications.

AI-Powered Sex Robots are Selling Well During Lockdown.



As part of the COVID -19 pandemic, robots that are equipped in robot fashion with artificial intelligence to converse had seen a boom, its manufacturers add. The maker says robots will walk and move their entirety within 10 years.

Experts say humans aren’t so well equipped to handle cyberattacks in their cosy relationships with machine sex toys.

Summary of the RealDollX by Abyss Creations

Product Features:

  • “What is love?” Find out by creating an artificial intelligence robot who can show you what it feels like.
  • RealDollX is the first intelligent doll system with AI and voice response to provide realistic eye movements and facial expressions.
  • These robot sex dolls will talk with you, learn things about you, and develop a true relationship with you.
  • Flexible AI software allows you to create custom personalities for your doll.
  • Customize all the physical components of your doll, including face, hair, eyes, lips, ears, nose, bust, nipples, complexion, body type, height, pussy or cock type, etc.
  • Create the PERFECT companion for YOU!


Emotional & Physical Benefits:

  • Forge a unique bond and connection with your AI robot sex doll that meets your every emotional and physical needs.
  • Forget “real” people, who needs them anyways? Robots are the future, and with a RealDollX companion, you won’t ever want to go back.
  • Fulfill your wildest fantasies and get the attention and affection you DESERVE, from a partner you get to create and care for.



The Best Long Distance Sex Toys for a Better ‘Connection’ ?

Lush 2 and Lush 3 by Lovense Review

Lush 2 and Lush 3, by Lovense sex toys are a line of very popular bullet vibe products (currently in stock).

It’s an extremely popular toy for remote-controlled (App-controlled) couples playing either indoors or outside or solo play, and it allows your partner to control the vibration intensity and vibration modes across either large distances online or right in the same room via bluetooth control.

Many people prefer the interactible option and let their partner control the emotions and intensity via the Lovens app or let music do the thing for them (Available from Spotify Premium); Lush 2 and Lush 3. And a large leisure toy for traveling.

One of the most powerful and discrete vibrator products for women -- the Lush 3 wins best sex toy tech for 2021

You Deserve to Have the Best Sex of Your Life.

The Lush 2 and Lush 3 is a remote-controlled vibrator (via the lovense remote app) that can be synced with any other Lovense toy for long distance intimacy, or even used on chat sites like Chaturbate. 

It’s also 4x more powerful than most love eggs, vibrating panties and remote control vibrators, it has amazing battery life,  and it’s so quiet you can use it anywhere without worrying about being heard! 

You’ll never want to go back to your old toys after experiencing Lush 2 and Lush 3’s deep rumbly vibrations that hug your body and stay in place while putting pressure on the right spots for even more intense orgasms.



Users can also make money performing live cam shows by syncing up with viewers who tip you when they make Lovense Lush 2 and Lush 3 vibrate from their own device using the lovense remote app – all while saving long distance relationships by syncing up with their toy too!


  • We know you want to experience intense, deep vibrations that will make you cum harder than ever before.

    And we know how much you miss feeling close to someone special when they’re far away from home. 

    That’s why we recommend the Lovense Lush 3 (or Lovense Lush 2) – so you could feel both at once. Get one now and start living out all your wildest fantasies tonight!



Noise Level

Lovense Lush 2 and Lush 3, when used provides small noise and it’s the quietest egg vibrating device on the market. 

Even if you turn a toy in the vibrations fastest the noise is around 50db. It is even more quiet when it is playing in vagina. 

Your vaginal wall seems to block out any sounds. I’m mainly a lovense with Lush 2 and Lush 3 for our public play. Tip: Click at the end of the story to hear the sound which Lush 2 and Lush 3 creates when he has used them.


Powerful vibration

Lush 2 (and especially Lush 3)  are several times stronger than most love eggs on the market. 

If you play the game with the toy you can set up low-vibration and certainly this can get the wetttt. The more he’s humming the greater the level of intensity. 

A heavy vibration can make you moan! Vibration level can be controlled remotely by your phone using your app Lovense.


An orgasm will be created when stimulated by Lush 2 and Lush 3. With its lengthy battery life you can easily continue with rounds 2 or 3 or more.

Control Lush 2 and Lush 3 with the App from Anywhere

The Lush 2  and Lush 3 vibrator boasts an app-control function that allows the user to long distance control it from anywhere with the lovense remote app. The vibrator could vibrate to the sound or music beat part that you wanted. 

Solo Play & Partner Play

The Lush 2 and Lush 3 are vibrated and can sync with your personal electronic or rave music. 

Your partner controls the strength and speed of vibration from any location in the world making distances much shorter and much more exciting.



Enjoy solo use playing with customizable modes by creating unlimited vibrating patterns or audio activated vibrations or simply by using music in sync mode to the vibrating. 

Use the app LOVENSE to build sexual tension with your partner.

Lush 2 & Lush 3 Supported by multiple platforms

Lush 2 and Lush 3 is a fully controlled remote controlled vibrator that can be configured to any number of vibration levels. 

The Lovense app helps choose a set of power levels according to your needs, whether from an ipad touch, ipad mini, ipad air, ipod touch, or even android 4.3 devices. 

All toys can be connected on the computer by use of Bluetooth adapter as mentioned in the Lovense user manual. 


  • There is also significant security via encryption, so you have complete control of your long distance use of the device. The Lush 2 and Lush 3 comes with a charging cable and is sold on amazon. 

    It can be controlled via a smartphone app, so long as you have an email address to set up an account for your Lush 2 or Lush 3 love egg. 

    The long distance control is the best in the market, and this vibrator can operate up to 10 patterns (1/6) tap and slide Remotes.


The Lush 2 and Lush 3 vibrator can be programmable to vibrate with any 3 fixed vibrational modes.

This level of vibration can range from 1/6 until 1/10 depending on the type of vibration level used. The vibrator is programmable using a variety of vibration settings.

Comfortable and Flexible Antenna

Lush 2 and Lush 3 vibe is one of the plushest wearing eggs vibes. 

With an email address, you can set up a lovense account for your Lush 2 or Lush 3 and control it via bluetooth or long distance by connecting to the lovense lush app on your android 4.3 device, ipad mini, ipad air, ipod touch, or other bluetooth enabled technology. 

Since they are of relatively small shape, the Lush 2 and Lush 3 are easy enough to attach to your panties  and carry. You can use this toy when lying on the bed, sitting or walking. 

Design and Look

The bulb is designed for internal use and the antenna for bluetooth vibrators should be situated outside of the uterus reach and allow good Bluetooth connection inside your panties. 

On the antenna it has a switch to turn Lush 2 on/of or adjust the setting while wearable. 

The material of the Lush 2 and Lush 3 toys are manufactured entirely from matte-textured silicone and covers a more powerful motor underneath.




All molded and made entirely of silicone it is a pink Lush 2 and Lush 3 and is from the same material to which original Lush 2 and Lush 3 came. 

You can’t find these products on amazon!

The strong vibration stimulates the entirety of the vagina while the antenna portion is rounded to help you catch the right spot.

Have Fun Inside and Outside the Bedroom with Remote Control Vibrators!

The first-generation of the Lush 2 and Lush 3 bullet vibrator products for couples achieved massive user success when it was first sold without problem in 2015.A bigger part motor now provides higher torque without destroying battery life. This charger was revised into a magnetic cable for an easy charging process.

The battery life plus the fixed tail ensures that the toy is securely attached and provides deep and more intense vibrations. Beginning of 2021 Lush 3 more will be offered! Lush 2 and Lush 3 was the first vibrator controlled by an Apple Watch.


Summary of the Lush 2 and Lush 3 ‘Love Egg’ Bullet Vibrator by Lovense

Product Features: 

  • Can be synced with the user or user’s  partner’s toy for a more intimate experience like no other
  • Made of ultra soft, body-safe silicone
  • Comfortable fixed tail so it stays in place more  without slipping out of the user during use
  • 5 hour battery life, bluetooth control via smartphone, ultra quiet and extremely powerful


Emotional & Physical Benefits:

  • Save long-distance relationships by syncing up with your partner’s toy for intimate facetime sessions, where both toys respond to each other’s movements
  • Make money performing in cam shows by app syncing with viewers who want to make your Lush 2 and Lush 3 vibrate with user tips via the Lovense app
  • Never running out of power during those marathon sessions, plus you can get off anytime anywhere because this love egg thing is quiet as fuck!


Force Her to Orgasm with a Button Click with THIS Epic & Powerful Panty Vibrator

Does it turn you on to think of your partner forcing you to orgasm while you’re at work, the grocery store, or just when relaxing at home? OR alternatively, do YOU want to be able to make your partner orgasm whenever you desire?

Ferri by Lovense is a magnetic panty vibrator that can be controlled remotely with the Lovense app by the user. 

You can tease and please from anywhere in the world, or even just across town! It’s discreet enough for public play and powerful enough for home sessions.

The best part? It’s hands-free so you don’t need to worry about fumbling with buttons while trying to get off.

Total User Control via the Lovense Remote App

The Lovense Ferri is the most powerful, versatile, and discreet wearable panties vibrator on the market that can be purchased at the lovense site or on amazon. 

Like the Lush 2 and Lush 3, it provides long distance control by providing the user with the lovense remote app. 

Essentially, it is another one of lovense amazing  remote control vibrators that uses bluetooth technology. 

Wear it under your clothes (ie. panties) during work hours, or slip into something sexy before going out on the town!


It’s so small that it can fit in your pocket or purse without anyone knowing what it is. 

And with its magnetic cap, you don’t have to worry about this little guy falling out of your pants when you’re going about your day! 

You can wear this anywhere and everywhere – even at work!

Give her an orgasm from across the room or during long distance sex via the lovense remote app which give your remote control (long distance control) of the Lovense Lush 2 and Lush 3 or other bluetooth vibrators with just one click of a button.


With  the lovense remote app and this remote control bluetooth technology, you will have true user remote control, as long as you have an email address to sign up with and don’t forget your charging cable. 

With over 10 vibration modes, patterns, and vibrations to choose from, this remote-controlled panty vibe will give her mind-blowing orgasms while she’s doing anything from walking around town to sitting at home watching TV, all from the smartphone app.


Plus, because it’s made by Lovense®, she’ll know that only high quality materials were used in making this product – no cheap plastics here!

Summary of the Lovense Ferri

List of Product Features: 

  • Equipped for any situation: discreet enough to use during work hours or under your sexiest outfit
  • Provides hands-free stimulation that’s perfect for play at home or while on the go
  • Powerful and discreet enough for public play — the best mix of power and versatility available
  • Hands-free remote control from anywhere in the world via smartphone
  • Multifunctional (wearable outside, foreplay at home use, etc.)
  • Magnetic design makes it easy to put on/take off

List of Emotional & Physical Benefits:

  • Remotely control your partner’s pleasure, even when you’re miles apart
  • Get off with the convenience of a hands-free experience
  • Take your love life to new heights with an intensely powerful and discreet toy
  • Play hard with complete discretion in public or at home, all while still being able to orgasm yourself!



FINALLY a Technology to Achieve G-Spot Orgasm Once and For All

You’ve tried using vibrators before, but they never worked for you! They were either too weak or didn’t hit your “G” spot just right. You’re left feeling insecure every time you try to cum with your vibrator.

Imagine having a toy that fits perfectly in your hand and is whisper-quiet so it doesn’t interrupt the mood. It’s designed to deliver pinpoint stimulation with an incredibly strong motor that leaves you shaking in climax.

With 3 levels of intensity, 10 different patterns, and an app to personalize your cycle experience, you’ll never struggle to cum again! 

The Osci 2 delivers a never-felt before experience that harnesses the power of oscillation instead of traditional vibratory stimulation. 


Waves of pleasure intensify with every vibration to produce out-of-this-world, body-shaking, G-spot orgasms that leave your body parylized in pleasure and your pussy drenched and throbbing with satisfaction.

The Osci 2 by Lovense is an icon made for women who want to experience the ultimate orgasm. It’s a sex toy that will make you feel like a goddess and leave you shaking in climax. Every. Single. Time.

As a personal note, I (the author) bought this for my wife who has always struggled to reach this elusive type of full body orgasm in the past.


We had spent years trying literally everything we could find to make her cum in this way, but each try just led to more disappointment and growing awkwardness between us — me feeling insecure about my own abilities to please her, and her feeling ashamed thinking something was wrong with her body. 


Honestly, I was pretty skeptical, even though the product description and reviews were incredible and suggested the Osci 2 might actually have a shot at making her reach her spot orgasm for the first time. 

Nevertheless, I didn’t get my hopes up and was completely caught off guard when her body started to shake. 

She grabbed by hand and her head pressed hard into the bed beneath her while she struggled to catch her breath… and then… she experienced what she said was the most orgasmic and pleasurable TWO MINUTES of her life, as she finally reach a powerful full-body orgasm for the first time. 

Needless to say, this brought her and I to a new level of closeness in our marriage, and now the Osci 2 remains charged and ready to go in our nightstand.

Summary of the Osci 2 by Lovense

List of Product Features: 

  • Reach new heights of pleasure with Osci 2‘s never felt before experience. 
  • 10 different vibration patterns and 3 levels of intensity to choose from, no problem
  • Uses oscillation instead of traditional types of stimulation which produces intensifying waves of pleasure and vibrations directly targeted to the G-spot.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design makes pinpointing the right position effortless and consistent.
  • App control allows you to fully customize the experience on your smartphone so your body receives exactly what is needed to reach climax.

List of Emotional & Physical Benefits:

  • Experience new sensations and become more confident in bed.
  • Strengthen your relationship with yourself AND with your partner.
  • Feel like a goddess when pleasuring yourself by achieving the best orgasms of your life.
  • Discover what your body is capable of and FINALLY achieve G-spot orgasm!



Additional Information

What is teledildonics?

A great list of adult toys for long distance couples, including opportunities for LGBTQ+ community. More information can be found below.

This is used to create the use of haptic feedback in order that the movements of the various devices in one instance are communicated by the sense that it occurs. Putting pressure on a product will recreate the motion or vibration for the others. 

When you are miles away you’ll think it’s you pleasuring a partner rather than pleading them. We support inclusive companies and hope that you are too! Back home. Return to the page I arrived and NATE.

Interactivity of Specific Toys

How do Max 2 and Nora respond to each other?

Both toys communicate using bluetooth vibrations via the Lovense Remote app (note: does NOT work with Kiiroo products) either on the iOS or Android device. 

You can also text or call via this application or use another service or Skype. If a machine is moved in the max direction the node head rotates in front while the vibrating motor vibration activates in the arm. Increased speed of movement intensified rotation (unlike the Lush 2 and Lush 3 or Kiiroo).

If the moves are more energetic they increase the vibrations and contraction information. Other cool information in the app: Other cool apps include: the vibration motor & the Air Pump.

How do Pearl 2 and Onyx+ respond to each other?

With the bluetooth FeelConnect app Kiiroo products (Kiiroo has many), you can seamlessly connect two devices via the partner connection – feature (An increase/decreasing depth of Pearl 2 will signal that Onyx+ rings contracted at the same depth). 

Increasing the speed of placement may increase the stoking or contraction. 

You can use the site strength and rhythm to suit the moment and continue growing. Touchpad control of the vibrating surface of a bluetooth Pearl 2 using the Onyx + touch pad for feedback of vibration levels.

How do Noras respond to each other?

When you insert one Nora and rub one it should turn the distance bluetooth signal on the other (unlike the Kiiroo). As your speed increases and falls your partner’s spinning head can speed up or down too. 


To mimic the same site movement you also have the distance option ‘leader’ and ‘follower’ which allows you control vibration and head rotation through buttons on one Nora which are then adjusted on the same rotation of the. 

It can also be changed using Lovense Remote’s application. Vibration mode” head rotates.

How do TITAN and Cliona respond to each other?

With use of all bluetooth Kiiroo devices Cliona and TiTAN will connect and use connect app. Control noise levels for the Cliona by clicking the three touchpads on TITAN. 

Adjust use site intensity and rhythm at any time by using the pad to build up time while playing together. Use the finger bluetooth buttons and it controls the vibration mode of TITAN. Select in six modes to adjust the vibration site intensity.


Use of TITAN is also controlled by a butt with a tactile button.

How do Max 2‘s respond to each other?

After you raise and decrease the bluetooth Max 2 it will tell your partner’s device to contract giving a force on the shaft, increasing the vibration intensity. 

In order to set the intensity to a contraction, you must simply increase or decrease the strangle speed.


You can also change between the Kiiroo vibrating and contraction mode by using buttons on the Max 2 or via the Lovense Remote – app. Vibration mode.

Legal Disclaimer

Statements regarding use of these bluetooth products or dietary supplements on this site are not authorized by the FDA for use and are not intended for people to use diagnosing, use treating or use preventing any disease or health condition.